About Real Help Custom Concrete

  • Established in 2009, originally a landscape company, Real Help, LLC was founded by co-owners Joshua Broad and Jonathan Herod. When creating their company, both Josh and Jon wanted to have a recognizable name that was easily distinguished. The name Real Help came about during a conversation amongst Josh and Jon. They both decided that above all, they wanted to ensure they fully delivered to their clients and truly helped them. From this point forward, the company Real Help was born. Between mowing lawns and installing hardscapes, Josh and Jon decided adding even more beauty to Buffalo’s earth by beginning to install concrete. In 2010, Real Help, LLC established their concrete division, Real Help Decorative Concrete. Since completing their first concrete project in 2010, Real Help Concrete has now completed over 1,500 concrete projects, from sidewalks to pool surrounds. The concrete business has increased immensely in recent years, and is now the sole focus of Real Help. Josh and Jon sold Real Help Lawn and Landscapes in 2013 to focus completely on Real Help Decorative Concrete. Upon doing so, we have seen a major increase in concrete business and employ over ten team members currently. Recently, the efforts of the owner’s and their team members were recognized by receiving the Best in Decorative Concrete Award in Western New York by the American Concrete Institute. In just five years, Real Help Decorative Concrete has become a household name for all your concrete needs from driveways to patios, and we look forward to being your choice for concrete for the next fifty! Real Help Concrete looks forward to the opportunity to earn your business!

    Your Concrete Estimate… What to Expect…

    Setting up your concrete estimate…

    Real Help Concrete believes in making the scheduling and receiving of your concrete estimate as streamlined and easy as possible! Your first step to setting up an estimate with Real Help Concrete is to contact us at our office! We have two full-time secretaries in the office, Monday thru Friday, from 7:30AM-5PM for your convenience. Our office number is 716-997-3058. You can also inquire about a concrete estimate on our website at www.realhelpconcrete.com. Once you initiate contact with our office, your estimate will be scheduled with one of our estimate specialists or owner. After your concrete consultation at your project site, our estimator will then organize and calculate all information gathered and present your quote to you either via email or standard mail in an organized and professional manner. Please allow 24-48 hours after your concrete consultation to receive your estimate. We like to be as detailed as possible to ensure you are getting an accurate and precise estimate. After receiving your estimate, if you would like to move forward and get your concrete project installed, please see below for what to expect during the signing process with Real Help Concrete.

    What to expect with your concrete estimate…

    Receiving estimates for your concrete project or any home project for that matter can be a chore in itself to say the least. Not only do the prices differ significantly, but so does your overall impression of each professional who came to your home. As a third generation concrete company, we not only believe that our work should stand out among the top of the industry, but our sales presentation and customer education should as well. When you choose Real Help Decorative Concrete for your concrete project, rest assured you are getting the experience and craftsmanship you would expect and deserve. With over 80 years combined experience amongst our crew, and a dedicated sales and office staff to meet your customer service needs, Real Help Concrete has everything necessary to make your experience installing concrete a successful and enjoyable one. Real Help Concrete is a decorative concrete company that prides itself on craftsmanship detail and quality along with our dedication to separating ourselves from our competition, from initial sales call to concrete installation and beyond!

    Scope of Work Included in the Estimate

    • Tear-out and removal of all necessary concrete.
    • Set forms to required grade.
    • Grade jobsite with crushed aggregate (stone) for proper concrete depth.
    • Wire AND fiber mesh installed throughout your concrete project.
    • Cure AND seal compound sprayed on your concrete project. This process varies depending on the type of project you are having completed. Please ask your sales rep for details.
    • Please see diagram for specific details and reference your contract for in depth explanations of your concrete project and our processes.

    Signing with Real Help Concrete to complete your concrete project…

    • Contact our sales office and express your interest in Real Help Concrete completing your project.
    • Our secretary will then inform your sales representative of your interest. If there are no changes to be made and you have made your color selections, we can sign your contract and spec sheet electronically to expedite reserving your spot on our schedule.
    • If you require changes to be made, we will have you come to our sales office or we will meet at your property to discuss changes. If you have a preference, please inform our secretary during your phone conversation.
    • We will then finalize project details and sign our contractor/customer agreement. We sign our documents electronically to stay organized and expedite your scheduling process. Once you have signed these documents, and once we receive your 25% deposit, we will issue you a start date for the construction of your concrete project!
    • The remaining balance will be due upon concrete installation. This will be collected by either our owner or crew leader in charge of the project. This is all explained in our contractor/customer agreement.

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