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    Real Help Decorative Concrete is one of Buffalo’s leading inground pool surround installers. Working with several inground pool companies in Buffalo, and being the exclusive concrete contractor for Swimco Inground Pools, over the past few years, we have installed over 150 inground pool surrounds. Installing an inground pool at your home is a large investment in and of itself, however, the swimming pool is only the beginning! The concrete around your inground pool is a huge part of the overall aesthetic appearance of not only your pool but your entire backyard! Let Real Help Decorative Concrete help you design your backyard getaway today!

    Decorative Concrete Around Pools…

    Concrete Driveways By Real Help ConcreteWhen making an investment in an inground pool for your home, not only is it important to think about what you want the pool to look like, it is important to visualize what you want your entire back yard to look like. Your inground pool will be the focal point in your backyard, however, what you decide to surround it with will be the determining factor in the overall look for your backyard. Real Help Concrete surrounds most of the inground pools we complete with stamped concrete. Stamped concrete is a great way to compliment the added aesthetic value an inground pool adds to your home. Please visit our inground pool surround gallery (Place link for inground pool surround gallery here) to see the full effects of how stamped concrete can compliment your new inground pool!

    Some Common Misconceptions about Stamped Concrete and Inground Pools

    - The initial thought of stamped concrete around an inground pool is the thought that it will be slippery. Although a valid concern, Real Help Concrete combats the chance for slipperiness by adding silica sand, a traction additive, into our sealer on our final seal application of your stamped concrete. This gives you grit and traction when walking along the surface of stamped concrete. Additionally, choosing certain patterns will also help with traction and surface texture for around a pool. No matter what solid surface you choose to put around your inground pool surround, there is a chance of it being slippery. Make sure when talking to your contractor, they have a sound plan to account for that.

    - Another common thought with stamped concrete around inground pools is that the color will fade over time or the water from the pool will bother it. The concrete around your pool will most likely be a high traffic area. Real Help Concrete installs your pool surround no different than we would install a driveway, structurally. Maintenance is always a concern when it comes to stamped concrete, or any surface that is subject to high foot traffic. Ask your Real Help representative about our maintenance plan and how we can customize a plan for your project.

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